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How To Burn More Calories With Interval Cardio


If you are going to the gym to do your cardiovascular training, try this…Don’t go on the treadmill or elliptical for one hour, instead work a shorter period of time at a higher intensity. This saves time and you may actually gain more cardiovascular and calorie burning benefits. If you are comfortable with using a random or interval training program instead of a manual program you should do so.


Well, studies have shown that you can burn more calories in the same period of time with a program that changes intensity rather then one that stays at the same level. The reason: Our bodies adapt quickly to exercise. If you are working at the same level for a long period of time your body eventually becomes more efficient at conserving energy loss (burns less calories). With a program that constantly changes intensity, your body has no time to adjust to conserve calorie loss and therefore burns more calories overtime. So cut those hour workouts in half and see more results!!

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