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10 Simple Rules for Nutrition

  1. Eat foods that are as natural as possible: whole-grain and unprocessed.
  2. Eat some raw or “living” foods. Vegetables lose some vitamins and minerals when they are cooked.
  3. Eat food that is as “poison-free” as possible. Chemicals in your food, water and air can build up in your body and harm your health.
  4. Not all fat is bad, just avoid trans-fats and saturated fats and instead choose products with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats; such as, olive oil.
  5. Don’t take mega doses of vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamins and minerals interfere with the absorption of other nutrients in the body. Supplement your diet wisely under the consultation of a health practitioner.
  6. Drink plenty of water!
  7. Relax during and after eating.
  8. Try to stop eating before you are completely full. It takes twenty minutes for your body to register that it is full so if you eat too fast you are likely to overeat.
  9. Eat breakfast! Your body has been fasting all night and breakfast gives you the energy you need to start the day.
  10. Finally, don’t be too rigid, whatever your diet. Use the 80/20 rule: eat healthy 80% of the time and whatever you want 20% of the time.


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